Painting Progression

Painting Progression

I've been creating a selection of paintings based on impactful memories and experiences. The images here show a progression of my most recent painting, one I created for myself, intended to recreate the treasured feeling of spending time with my grandparents on their back deck. This was an emotional process, as both the people and the place are no longer an active part of my life. For those of you who live in or have been to Spokane, this depicts the land overlooking the Spokane River and Bowl and Pitcher. The style and process was a departure from the way I have been working lately, but it was highly therapeutic and a welcomed break to rely on nature to supply a reference.  And it now provides me with a bittersweet window to the past.

Because the painting doesn't exactly fit into my other collections, here's it's own little write up:

Weightless.  30x48 inches. Acrylic on Canvas. 2024.

This painting depicts a view of the Spokane River in Washington state, but represents much more. It was created for myself, both to mourn the loss of beloved grandparents and their home which served as a family gathering spot, and to celebrate so many wonderful memories.  The intent was to capture the feelings of these treasured memories, as well as suggest the vague and mysterious opening up of what lies beyond this life.  To see the progression of this painting, visit my blog post.

The piece is unavailable for purchase, but reach out if you'd like a framed canvas print to match the look of the original!

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