About My Work

I create art to feel like myself. It’s my way of connecting with the unseen world, and an outlet to express gratitude for surroundings and experiences. While my collections vary in theme and process, most of my work is created intuitively with a strong appreciation for color and movement. I seldom know where a painting is headed when I begin, which keeps me anxiously engaged in the creative process as well as offering an element of mystery and spontaneity to the work. I am more interested in the feeling and overall presence that a work of art offers, as opposed to what is merely seen.


About the Artist

Darcy Lee Saxton has been creating art for as long as she can remember. Living a creative life is a priority for her, so she likes to follow where inspiration leads. Darcy is an avid believer in the healing power of art, both in the process and product.  When not creating, she enjoys guiding others through the magical process of art making. Darcy currently lives and creates amongst the red rocks of Southern Utah, but her roots are in the Pacific Northwest.