Collection: Poured Paintings

This collection refers to both the creative state and approach of allowing an artwork to move through me into existence, as well as to the literal out-pouring of high flow paint. After releasing or brushing layers of rich color and engaging textures onto a canvas, I then, over time, meditatively observe the painting, and see what imagery surfaces.  Certain thoughts, feelings and concepts will often be experienced, and I then intuitively work to bring those ideas more fully into view by adding layer after layer of paint.  The resulting imagery is a spiritual and dream-like synthesis of the inner and outer world, and regularly surprises me in theme and content.  Ongoing concepts in this body of work explore the personal growth, connection, the divine, and the natural world, all through a spiritual and feminine lens.

This collection features originals that are either in my possession, sold, at Gallery 873 in Ivins, UT, or available at The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, WA.  Each piece is updated to show its current location and availability.   Free domestic shipping is included with all available originals.  Please click individual pieces for descriptions and details.  For print options, visit my Art Print Collection.