Collection: Inner World

This collection of vibrant, abstract paintings results from an exploration of my inner world.  They revolve around  connection to the divine, to the earth and cosmos, and to all living, interconnected creations.  Birthed through intuition, these pieces rely heavily on color, movement, and emerging imagery to share their messages.  While I strive to stay open and allow each piece to evolve into its own unique existence, themes of connection, creation, and the feminine can be repeatedly observed.  These paintings are intended to be felt, and hopefully, to inspire, empower, and connect the viewer to their own inner world.

Please note, many original paintings that are "sold," are still available as reproductions. For print options, visit my Art Print Collection.  Domestic shipping is included in the price with all available originals. Please click individual pieces for descriptions and details, and feel free to reach out with any questions!  Thank you for your interest in my work!